NV Global Opportunity Fund

NV Insurance Fund

NVIM Hedge Fund Strategies

New Vernon Investment Management LLC (NVIM) offers hedge fund strategies which include:

New Vernon Global Opportunity Fund

New Vernon Insurance-sector Long/Short Equity Fund

NVIM Value Proposition:

NVIM Funds have an established Portfolio Management team with long track record of investing in global and emerging markets, since 1992

The Managers have a value-based investment philosophy across domestic and international securites and asset classes, with a long term orientation and a disciplined investment process

As a global hedge fund firm, New Vernon is nimble enough to identify and exploit inefficent markets while being large enough to have appropriate infrastructure to support institutional accounts

Funds offered are for both onshore (USA) and offshore (Caymen Island) Limited Partner investors

New Vernon utilizes top tier institutional service providers, who include:

NAV Consulting Inc. third party administrator for monthly results, statistical analysis, and statements (online access available)

McGladrey for Audit

Morgan Stanley for Prime Brokerage and Custody

Katten Muchin Rosenman for Legal

For more information, contact New Vernon at 847.926.5700 to request Fund materials and subscription documents